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Creamy Tuscan Scallops

1 serving

Each serving provides

2/3 leanest, 1/3 leaner 

3 greens 

3 condiments 

1 healthy fat

6.6 oz. raw scallops (large size)  -2/3 leanest 

1/2 Tablespoon homemade garlic butter -1 healthy fat 

2 3/4 cup fresh spinach- 2-3/4 greens 

2 Tablespoons chopped sundried tomatoes- ( rinsed) – 1/4 green

Alfredo sauce recipe 

1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese (1/3 Leaner)
1/8 tsp salt (1/2 Condiment)

1 minced garlic clove  (1 Condiment)

1 tbsp reduced fat grated Parmesan cheese (1/2 Condiment)

1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk (1/16 Condiment)

1/8 tsp Fresh ground pepper (1/4 Condiment)

1/2 wedge laughing cow cheese -(1/2 condiment) 

To make Alfredo sauce, combine cottage cheese, salt, minced garlic clove, Parmesan cheese, almond milk and pepper in a small blender until mixture is smooth and creamy. 

Homemade garlic butter recipe (1/2 Tablespoon = 1 healthy fat)

1 stick softened butter

4 garlic cloves minced

fresh or dried parsley

Mix or whip good and store in the refrigerator in an air tight container.

In a frying pan on medium heat add your garlic butter. Add to that your scallops when the butter is melted. Seat on both sides do they have a nice sear. Remove from the pan and set aside. To the pan add your fresh spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Cook till your spinach is almost wilted then add your Alfredo sauce and combine. Add your scallops. Plate up and add just a sprinkle of fresh parmesan.

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