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Recipe Binder

Welcome to FoodiQueen!

I’m so excited about this new website and online FoodiQueen shop, where you can order recipe packets and pay online with confidence.  Thank you for supporting me and my small business and for letting me participate in your health journey. 

If you are new to FoodiQueen – I’m so happy you are here!  My name is Michelle Gray and I love to create easy to prepare, healthy and compliant recipes for you.  When you order, you receive original recipes printed in color, with individual protective sheets, ready to clip into a 3-ring binder you supply. 

The more packets you order at once, the more you save, and you can have hundreds of delicious options to try.  I’ve included only a small sample of FoodiQueen recipes on this website to give you a taste of what’s available.  The best way to enjoy all of the  FoodiQueen magic is to order recipe binder inserts.  You won’t regret it!



Gift Certificate


You’ve been asking for recipe packets without seafood.  Check out these new

No Fish options.  Packets 11,12,13 and 18 contain a selection of  non-seafood recipes from previous Lean and Green recipe packs.

nofish Packet 12 – 100 Non-Seafood Lean and Green

Packet 13- New Non Seafood Set

Packet 11 – Non-Seafood 45 Lean and Green

Packet 18- 216 Non Seafood Lean and Green




Just think if you had all these compliant recipes to help you go light speed on prep…… The thought of having your lean and green meal easily planned out with simple ingredients and directions for each five and one compliant recipe.

  • All recipes in protective sheets.
  • Many more helpful documents included along with a special tracking sheet to help keep you organized while on plan.
  • Many different packages to pick from.
  • Everything ready for you to just clip into your binder that you provide. The binder itself is the only thing you will need. Any 3 ring binder will work.
  • All packages include FREE standard shipping.

Don’t forget this is also the perfect gift (on or off program) for someone just wanting to eat healthier with NO time consuming recipes.


Our online shop includes several convenient options for payment.  If you are paying by check, please note the order # in the memo line on your check, and send it to the address you will see in your confirmation at checkout.

All other payments go through our payment processing partner, PayPal.  PayPal accepts payment using your PayPal Balance, Venmo (on mobile devices that have the Venmo app installed), and credit and debit cards from VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  


Gift Certificate

Packet 1- 1st set – 50 Lean and Green

Packet 2 – 2nd set – 50 Lean and Green

Packet 3 – 3rd set – 53 Lean and Green

Packet 4 – 4th set – 53 Lean and Green

Packet 5- 5th set- 52 Lean and Green

Packet 6 – 6th set 51 Lean and Green

Packet 7 – 7th set 50 lean and Green 

packet 8 -25 lean and green recipes

Combo Packets:

Packet 15– CHOOSE 2 SETS – 100+ Lean and Green

Packet 10 – CHOOSE 3 SETS – 153+ Lean and Green

Packet 9 –CHOOSE 4 SETS – 206+ Lean and Green

Packet 16 – CHOOSE 5 Lean and Green sets; 258 recipes

Packet 17- ALL 6 Lean and Green sets-308 recipes

packet 21- + 360 lean and green recipes


The 2 below  sets are a combination of 1-2 serving recipes from my existing 1-6 sets. These 2 new sets have no duplicate recipes. Set 19 has 1-2 serving recipes from set 1-3; Set 20 has 1-2 serving recipes from set 4-6.

packet 20- 68 lean and green recipes (1-2 servings only)

packet 19 – 68 lean and green recipes (1-2 servings only)


Add On Items:

Add on – Healthy Success Tracking Sheet and Pen

Add on – Document Set








48 thoughts on “Recipe Binder

  1. […] If you prefer recipes that you can easily refer to in your own kitchen, order recipe binder inserts – you provide the binder, and I provide the FoodiQueen magic! Click here to see all the options:  Recipe Binder […]

    1. Do you have an all-in-one packet? So I don’t have to order each and every one you have listed?

      1. Yes. Packet X will get you all 5 lean and green sets. You can add on the hacks packet if you want

      2. Yes I do. Packet X is all 5 sets. If you want hacks to there is a add on packet

      3. yes. packet X is all the lean and green recipes sets to date.

    2. I’d like to order all of your recipes….if I order pack 17 does it include pack 20? I would also add your hacks….is there a bundle price discount to just get those?

      1. Packet 17 will get you everything. The hacks are an add on. Packet 17 includes the recipes from 20

      2. How much?

      3. How much for what?

    3. Do you have vegetarian options

    4. Just got my order and got it all organized and put in a binder by category. Love it and can’t wait to start trying the recipes! Would love to see more slow cooker recipes with Fall here! Your hacks were really impressive too!

      1. Which sets did you get?

      2. All of them! All 6 sets?

      3. I got all 6 sets plus your hacks.

  2. So can you just order all the recipes at one time or do you have to order 1 group at a time. ?

    1. I don’t sell individual recipes if that’s what you mean

  3. No binders for just vegetarians? Or pescatarians?

    1. No sorry; I do not have a vegetarian recipe binder

  4. Is there a list of what recipes come in each packet?

    1. No. Call me if I can help answer any questions you may have.

  5. Would it be possible to order all of the recipes? I am just starting the 5/1 program and do not know what recipes I am interested in.

    1. Yes you can order them all. Call me if you need assistance.

    2. Yes. Packet X

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I don’t see a packet x listed above (they are all numbered packets). I ordered packet 11 a few weeks ago and love it! I’m wonder which packet numbers I would need to complete my none sea food set. I’m also wondering if you have an easy calculation guide for store bought products. I’m really having an issue figuring out the details, my coach has no idea, and nutrition support said they no longer help with calculations. I’d love to leave the calculation trick and order more recipes….I’ve been telling everyone online about your website! Thank you for all you are doing to help others be successful in this journey.
    -Jennifer Jensen-Wright

    1. Call me 360-319-6655

    2. Oh wow Jennifer Jensen is my maiden name too. I’m Jennifer Jensen Ake @

      1. Did you have a question

  7. Hi there – do you have an option to download a copy and print yourself?

  8. Hi! I am interested in the non seafood packs – I see there is a pack of 44 a pack of 71 and a pack of 109. Are any of the recipes duplicates in those packs? Thank you

    1. Are those both the non seafood sets?

    2. No there is no duplicate recipes in those sets

  9. Do you have a combo packet that has all of them without seafood and add the hack packet as well? For a savings to bundle !

    1. Yes packet 18 is all sets that are non seafood then at the bottom of the list you can add on the hacks

  10. Hi Michelle, I always come back to your website and am always amazed with your recipes. They all look so delicious! But here’s my dilemma – I am the only one on a healthy life change. I don’t have time to cook two different meals. So I usually just try to adjust current dinners to fit my needs. But I think the others in the household may eat the dinners. Do you have any with 4 servings. I’m the only one who likes ( seafood/ fish) items, my husband is an all beef eater and my mother in law will just eat whatever. I’m trying to get my husband to try vegetables but he is really reluctant. Please help!!! Thank you!

    1. Call me when your available. 360-319-6655

  11. Hi cam you suggest the best packets for chicken and seafood recipes. I also like steak too. Thanks so much. The recipes look amazing.

    1. Can you call me when your available?

  12. In your hacks packet do you include hacks for all of the 5&1 products they sale? I’m thinking of recipe hacks for shakes, or oatmeal, or Mac and cheese for example?

    1. All the hacks are perfect for any optavia fueling. You will be happy

  13. For packet 21…what size binder would you recommend?

      1. Thank you!

  14. Hi Michelle, I would like to order all the recipes you have with hacks. Im confused on how to go about that. Do I have to order all 21 packets? I see comments saying all 6 sets but I don’t know what that means? Please help lol thanks in advance!

    1. Can you call me?

    2. 21 is sets 1-7. If you want all sets you would have to add set 8 and add the hacks

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