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What is a “HACK”

A hack is when you take a fueling; example the Optavia oatmeal, swirl cake and sweet potato fueling’s and change it into a scone. When you do a hack you may be using some of you lean and green; some of your protein ; green; condiments or a healthy fat. The breakdown will always let you know what you are using and how many servings. Remember when doing a hack if it using some of your lean and green; you need to subtract that from your remaining lean and green later.

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Recipe Binder

Welcome to FoodiQueen!

I’m so excited about this new website and online FoodiQueen shop, where you can order recipe packets and pay online with confidence.  Thank you for supporting me and my small business and for letting me participate in your health journey. 

If you are new to FoodiQueen – I’m so happy you are here!  My name is Michelle Gray and I love to create easy to prepare, healthy and compliant recipes for you.  When you order, you receive original recipes printed in color, with individual protective sheets, ready to clip into a 3-ring binder you supply. 

The more packets you order at once, the more you save, and you can have hundreds of delicious options to try.  I’ve included only a small sample of FoodiQueen recipes on this website to give you a taste of what’s available.  The best way to enjoy all of the  FoodiQueen magic is to order recipe binder inserts.  You won’t regret it!

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