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Packet 21. Over 360 lean & green recipes.

Packet 21– includes all 7 lean and green sets. Approximately 360 different lean and green meals; each inserted in a page protector. Each recipe includes the complete breakdown of the lean protein, greens, healthy fats and condiments.

This set includes all the documents, 360 recipes, tracking sheet and pen, page dividers and cover sheet.

14 thoughts on “Packet 21. Over 360 lean & green recipes.

  1. Would like information on the 5 & 1 lean and green recipes please

    1. What is your question

  2. Is this a cookbook or recipes in a plastic sleeve that I need to put in a binder? The way I read it it’s sleeves to be put in a binder( which is fine but would like verification)

    1. All you need is the binder itself ; I provide everything else. All recipes are in a protective sleeve

    2. All you need to get is the 3 ring binder itself. I recommend a 3-4 inch one. Everything else I provide. Yes all recipes are protected in protective sleeves . Did that answer your question?

      1. Thanks! I think it does answer my question…that is similar to what I have done with a few favs in a small binder. Are the sleeves open on the top or bottom? Only matters cause the current binder the sleeves are open at the top (I have a moss based succulent close by and the counter can get wet🤪)

      2. Top load

  3. Does Packet 21 include all your recipes you’ve put together?

  4. Where do I get them and the cost please?

    1. It’s on this site on the home page under recipe binder

    2. It’s so n this website on the home page under recipe binder

  5. Does packet 21 with 360+ recipes contain all your recipes?

    1. 21 and 8 will be everything as of today

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