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Thanksgiving Dinner 2

1 serving 

Each serving provides

1 leanest

2 healthy fats

3 greens

1 condiment

7 oz.cooked turkey breast – 1 leanest

1 cup cooked Kabocha squash – 2 greens

3 Tablespoons Bolthouse Classic ranch dressing – 1 healthy fat

Splash of chicken broth 

2.20 oz. cooked green beans – 1 green

3 Tablespoons Prego Artisan 3 cheese sauce – 1 healthy fat

1 Tablespoon bacon bits – 1 condiment

Mix your kabocha squash with your Bolthouse dressing and the splash of chicken broth. Blend in a blender to make them smooth. Or just smash together to make them smooth. Steam your green beans till cooked; then in a bowl mix with your Artisan cheese sauce and ¾ of your bacon bites. Plate your dish and sprinkle your kabocha mashed potatoes with the remaining bacon bites.

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