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Egg and Tomato Bake

1 serving 

Each serving provides 

1 lean 

3 greens 

3 condiments 

1 Tablespoon chopped onion-1 condiment 

6.34 oz. Sliced tomatoes – 2 greens 

1 cup fresh spinach-1 green 

2/3 cup low moisture mozzarella cheese-2/3 lean 

1 whole egg – 1/3 lean 

1/2 teaspoon everything but bagel seasoning- 1 condiment -divided* 

1/2 cup chicken broth -1/2 condiment 

1/2 Tablespoon light cream cheese-1/2 condiment 

Preheat oven to 400. Spray a 4×8 baking dish with non stick spray. In a small sauce pan add your cheese; cream cheese, 1/2 your everything but bagel seasoning  and chicken broth and warm up till melted and all incorporated. In your baking dish layer 1/2 your tomatoes then spinach then other 1/2 tomatoes. Pour sauce over the top; add your chopped onions. Bake till 1/2 way done then add your egg in the middle and sprinkle remaining everything but bagel seasoning; remain cooking till egg is cooked how you like it snd dish is bubbling. Broil a bit if needed. ( just keep an eye on it) 

Note: If doing the egg like that makes you uncomfortable then cook the egg separate and put on top after the tomato dish is bubbling.

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