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Asparagus with blue cheese and bacon

2 servings ( picture shows 1 serving)

Each serving provides

1 oz. Lean 

3 greens 

1/2 healthy fat

2 condiments

19.02 oz. Cooked asparagus- 6 greens 

1 teaspoon olive oil – 1 healthy fat 

2 garlic cloves ( minced) – 2 condiments

4 Tablespoons reduced fat blue cheese crumbles- 2 condiments

4 slices Turkey bacon – 2 oz. Lean 

Chop your Turkey bacon into pieces then cook till done. Set aside. Put your asparagus into a pan with some water and a lid and steam cook till almost cooked. Add your olive oil and minced garlic till asparagus is coated. Divide into 2 servings on the plates. Top each serving with the Turkey bacon and the blue cheese crumbles.

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