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Cheese taco shells with tilapia and Mexican rice

1 serving

Each serving provides

1 leaner

3 greens

1 healthy fat

1 condiments

2 oz. reduced fat mixed cheese- 1/2 lean

4 1/2 oz. raw tilapia (3 1/2 oz. cooked) – 1/2 leanest

1 cup Trader Joe’s Mexican cauliflower rice- 2 greens

1 cup shredded lettuce – 1 green

3 Tablespoons Bolthouse classic ranch dressing- 1 healthy fat

1/4 teaspoon Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning- 1 condiment

Preheat your oven to 350. To make your cheese taco shells; divide your cheese into 2 and make into two 4 inch circles on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake till melted and starting to brown around the edges. Sprinkle your Mrs. Dash seasoning over your tilapia and cook in a frying pan with non stick spray. While those are cooking heat up your rice in a frying pan sprayed with non stick spray. Set up 4 glasses on your counter with a chopstick between 2 glasses. You should have 2 set ups ready. This is to hang your cheese shells when they come out of the oven. When your cheese shells is ready take out of the oven and be careful fir they will be hot. Remove and hang one shell over one of your set ups and repeat with the other shell and the other set up. Assemble your taco; tilapia, rice, lettuce then your ranch dressing.

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