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Baked Delicata Rings

1 serving
Each serving provides

3 greens

3 condiments

1 snack

5.94 oz. Delicata squash rings -3 greens

2 Tablespoons shaker parmesan cheese- 1 condiment

1 1/2 Tablespoons egg beaters – 1/2 condiment

1/4 teaspoon ranch dressing powder -1/2 condiment

2 Tablespoons GHughes honey mustard dressing -1 condiment

1 packet Optavia ranch puffs – snack

Nonstick spray

Preheat the oven to 425 Cut off the ends of your Delicata squash and thinly slice. I used a mandolin. Remove the center seed section. Keep the skin on for it will become tender. In a ziplock bag put the puffs, parmesan and ranch dressing. Crush them all up and mix well. I used a rolling pin to crush them. Put the parmesan puff coating you just crushed onto a plate. Put your egg beaters on a plate and dip a ring on both sides then into the parmesan puff coating. Flip to get on both sides. Spray nonstick spray on your parchment paper on your cookie sheet and place your rings on. Bake till golden brown flipping 1/2 way to cook on both sides. Serve with your honey mustard dressing.

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