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Grilled steak and veggies

1 serving
Each serving provides

1 lean

3 greens

3 condiments

5 oz. grilled steak -1 lean

3.98 oz. sliced zucchini -2 greens

2.73 oz. mushrooms -1 green

2 Tablespoons GHughes teriyaki sauce-2 condiments

1 Tablespoon GHughes steak sauce – 1 condiment

Grill your steak. While that’s grilling prepare your veggies. When the steak is cooked to your likeness let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing it. Mix the 2 sauces together and set aside. In a frying pan on medium heat spray with non stick spray and add your veggies. Cook till almost done then add 1 Tablespoon of your sauce mixture to the pan and coat veggies. Assemble your plate and put the remaining sauce over top the steak.

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