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Cadbury Eggs

2 servings 

Each serving provides

 1 fueling

 1 snack 

1 Brownie – fueling

1 Chocolate chip cookie soft baked – fueling

6 Tablespoons water 

Pb2 topping

 4 tablespoons PB2

 3 tablespoons cold water

I used a silicone egg mold but any silicone mold will work. I have found the ice cube size is best and easier to eat. In a bowl add your brownie contents and 3 tablespoons  cold water. Use a spoon to gently spread a layer around the inside of the mold. Reserve some if you want for the bottoms. Mix your cookie fueling the same with 3 tablespoons cold water in a bowl. Then put in the middle. Add the remainder of your brownie mix if you saved some. Freeze till frozen solid. Mix your PB2 with the cold water and set aside. Add more water if you want it more runny.  Easy to remove when using silicone mold. Place on your plates. Divide and put your PB mixture over top.
Remember this is 2 meals so all depending on the size of your molds depends on how many you get. Think of that as you are making them. In this picture I get 2 eggs per serving. 


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