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Smoked Gouda Stuffed Meatballs with BBQ sauce

I love the combination of the hot meatball with the crunch of the fresh cucumbers

2 servings ( each serving is approximately 5)

Each serving provides : 1 lean; 2 greens; 3 condiments

7 oz. raw ground turkey or ground chicken

6 oz. raw Jenni-O sausage

8.4 oz. sliced cucumbers (4.2 oz. per serving)

2 smoked Gouda laughing cow wedges

4 Tablespoons G Hudges sweet and spicy BBQ sauce


Preheat oven to 350. Mix your 2 meats together and divide into 10 portions. Take your 2 laughing cow cheese and cut into 10 portions. Make a dimple in each meatball and put your cheese in the middle and form meat around the cheese. Form all your meatballs. heat up a frying pan on high with non stick spray. When your pan is hot brown your meatballs on all sides. When they are all brown place them on a cookie sheet to finish cooking. Approximately 5 more minutes in the oven. While they are in the oven slice up your cucumbers. Put your BBQ sauce in a bowl and add your meatballs when they out of the oven. Roll around to cover with they sauce. Assemble with a toothpick and serve. 



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