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BBQ salmon with Kabocha mash

1 serving

each serving provides

1 lean

3 greens

3 condiments

6 oz. raw salmon -1 lean

6.12 oz. cooked Kabocha squash -3 greens

1 Tablespoon G Hughes BBQ sauce – 1 condiment

1 wedge creamy asiago laughing cow cheese – 1 condiment

1 Tablespoon Opa Jalapeño ranch or Opa ranch -1 condiment

Put your BBQ sauce over top of your salmon. Cook your salmon in the oven or BBQ till it flakes apart easily. While that is cooking put your laughing cow cheese in your mashed Kabocha squash and blend well. plate your salmon and Kabocha mash and drizzle your Opa over top.

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