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Chicken Noodle Bagel or Buns

Oh ya.

4 servings)

Each serving Provides

1 fueling

1/7 lean

1 condiment

2 garlic mashed potatoes – 2 fueling

2 chicken noodle or chicken rice – 2 fueling

8 egg whites- 1/7 lean

4 tsp baking powder – 2 condiments

Grind up the chicken noodle or chicken rice with a grinder till powder.( I used a magic bullet) Mix all ingredients together. Spray your donut

pan with nonstick spray and divide into 4 compartments. This recipe will make 4

fuelings so if your donut pan is smaller it may make 2 bagel per serving. Make sure to put the mix over the donut hole middle when putting in pan. Bake at 350 for approximately 15 minutes.

Second way is use a mini dash. Spray your dash with nonstick spray. You should divide your mixture so you get a top and bottom bun per serving. With this recipe I did 2 bagels and 2 top buns and 2 bottom buns. Totally of 4 fuelings.

Each bagel is one fueling serving. The buns are 2 per fueling serving. I’m going to toast and top my bagel with 1 Tablespoons low fat cream cheese. Which will add 1 more condiment to my breakdown. The buns I’ll use as maybe a grilled cheese or using it with a meat patty of some kind.

Remember this recipe uses 1/7 of your lean protein so make sure you subtract that when adding a patty or cheese.

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