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Steak Quesadillas

1 serving

Each serving provides

1 leaner

3 greens

2 condiments

6 Crepeni egg thins

4 oz. beef fajitas

2 oz. reduced fat pepper jake cheese

Non stick spray

2 Tablespoons Salsa verde

Spray your frying pan or griddle with non stick spray. Heat to medium to high heat. Put a egg thin on your griddle then add your beef then with cheese then top with another egg thin. Spray with non stick spray so when you flip over it will cook crisp. Divide your egg thins; cheese and meat out so you will have 3 total. After they are cooked then cut into triangles. I used salsa verde but using a salad dressing that is a condiment would be great to instead. I also tried it with Walden farms thousands island dressing. Yummo

Note: I just thawed out my beef and did not precook before adding to my thins; they are already precooked in the package and will heat up perfect doing it the way I did it.

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